The following is required -Your OPA Membership card. If you do not have a current card, you will be required to purchase one before you can proceed with weigh-in/registration. You will also require your entry form. Additionally, if you are competing as a Junior, Masters or Grand Masters, proof of age is required, which can take the form of a Birth Certificate, Drivers Licence, or other Government issued document.

No. The OPA does not recognize placements earned at a “Non-OPA” Event. The athlete must commence competition at the Regional Level to qualify for the Provincials. The same applies for qualifying to the Nationals in the CBBF. You must qualify through an OPA Provincial Event.

Yes.  However, because the OPA is an Amateur Organization, you must first sign a Document relinquishing your Pro Status before being allowed to compete. This Document is then filed with the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF). Signing this Document therefore allows you to compete as an amateur within the OPA.  Please be advised, that if you once again choose to compete as a Pro in an Organization not recognized by the OPA/CBBF, you will be disqualified from the OPA for life.

Go to "About" on our website – listed here are the By Laws, Rules and Regulations of the OPA which will provide these answers. If you are still uncertain, please contact any member of the Executive or the Regional Director for your Region, who will be pleased to answer any of your questions. These names and contact emails can be found by clicking on “OPA Team.”